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covid19 – Our situation in the USA

Written on 19. April 2020 in Blog

Hey friends, we are still in Palm Springs. Traveling has become almost impossible. National parks and state parks, as well as other public campsites, have closed – including the hiking trails. Many of the private c...

covid19 – We only die once. Right?

Written on 9. April 2020 in Blog

So far I was of the opinion that a person can only die once. covid19 seems to have changed this. I have to warn you. This blog post is written more critically than previous ones. Maybe a little of the modern “polit...


Feels like home – California Dreaming and #covid19

Written on 21. March 2020 in Blog

Hey reader, friend, dear family scattered across this beautiful world. An excellent start to spring for all of you. We hope you are well, be healthy, and don’t panic. Again, 1 1/2 months have passed since our last ...

Vancouver Island

Bad weather on Vancouver Island

Written on 27. January 2020 in Blog

“Due to the current weather situation, we close at 6 pm today”. We exchanged surprised looks when we saw the handwritten sign at the entrance to the supermarket. Ok, the weather has been crazy for the past few days, ...

Happy New Year 2020

Written on 31. December 2019 in Blog

“Let’s take the journey of our lives“, Nina said. “We’ll sell the house, quit the jobs and start a new life. Let’s go to new countries where we’ve never been, and fall in love with everything. Let’s go hi...

Bath and Southwest England

Written on 9. November 2019 in Blog

After we left Cornwall, we found ourselves again in Devon, for a stop in the twin town: Lynton & Lynmouth. Just north of the famous Exmoor National Park. Lynton & Lynmouth Nestled in cliffs and tree-lined hills, ...

Tower Bridge

The Difference Between England, Britain and the U.K

Written on 25. October 2019 in Blog

Despite the countless television shows, newspaper reports, and discussions in pubs around the world about Brexit, almost no one knows the difference between England, Great Britain, the United Kingdom, Wales, etc. Here...

St. Ives

Cornwall – Our journey in Southern England

Written on 15. October 2019 in Blog

Cornwall Cornwall is the western county in Great Britain. Kernow, as the “Cornish” people call it, is blessed with the wildest coastline and the most breathtaking beaches in the southwest. With a smile, we c...

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