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Blowing Rock

Blue Ridge Parkway and Shenandoah

Written on 18. June 2018 in Blog

We wrote this post in Blowing Rock. The heavy storms in North Carolina have made parts of the Blue Ridge Parkway impassable. So we had to avoid parts of it quite complicated. Blowing Rock is so far the most enchanting sm...

Asheville and the Smoky Mountains

Written on 9. June 2018 in Blog

Rachel came back to the table. The smartphone still at arm’s length away from her, her face on the screen, from which her friend Ann enjoyed the scenery with a big smile – just like we at the next table. Rach...

Savannah and Jekyll Island, Georgia

Written on 31. May 2018 in Blog

“Y’all”. There it was again, that word, that expression that sometimes hit us more, sometimes less, since Texas. Jeff and Jill, two lovely people we met on the beach in Jekyll Island, just south of Sava...

Building Sand Letters under paradise sun

Swimming with Dolphins – Panama City Beach

Written on 26. May 2018 in Blog

Are a white, almost deserted, eternally sandy beach, clean, crystal-clear, turquoise water and a surprising, diverse flora and fauna worth writing your own post ? No ?, What’s about swimming with dolphins ? Yeah ?...

New Orleans

Written on 21. May 2018 in Blog

New Orleans is a city built on stories – the dark, the crazy, the unbelievable, the eerie, the creepy, the beautiful, and all seem to be exceptional. As many different people here, so different is the city known. W...

Galveston, Texas – Plan our trip

Written on 16. May 2018 in Blog

We’re back in the States, more precisely in Texas, which for many Texans is not the US, but Texas ;-). In order to plan our further journey and to “arrive” again, we have settled for two days in Galvest...


Written on 14. May 2018 in Blog

Yes, Mexico. We escaped crazy Belize and seek refuge in Mexico. With success. More about that right now. Only out here! As I wrote in the article about Belize, the conditions there are not meant for relaxation or recreat...

Vacation in Belize

Written on 10. May 2018 in Blog

As everyone who has read on the cover picture on the plane now knows, we are in Belize. We flew from Houston to Belize City with Southwest. Flight time about two hours and then with Maya Airline to Placencia, in the sout...

First Vacation – Belize Teil 1

Written on 9. May 2018 in Blog

Moist, humid air welcomed us as we left the plane for the arrival hall. On the luggage rack, which seemed to be from the last century, our suitcases jerked up. Entry was easier than ever in another country. Passport cont...


Written on 7. May 2018 in Blog

Next Stop: Texas. Deepest province, and rude people, arid landscape of cattle herds, dirty cities, all and more, we heard on our trip across the USA. None of that happened. Texas welcomed us with green fields, lots of wa...

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